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In manual focus mode, with lenses which have a clutch system, this is not possible to use the AF-L button and after to refine focus.


With "normal" lenses, it is a joy to be in manual focus and still to be able to use the autofocus with AF-L ! We can then refine the focus.
Unfortunately, for some lenses, it does not work like this.
  • It is a problem of consistency. Depending on the lenses, you have to adapt your way of shooting.
  • There is no satisfying workaround. The DMF is not as good and I don't know why they added DMF since AF-L is so much better !!!
Of course, the focus ring with these lenses is limited, you may be blocked when you turn it to refine the focus. But this is not a real problem, it is up to the user to let enough margin when he uses the AF-L button. This is how the DMF works

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