Auto-ISO Menu - Reduce Clicks

On the X-T1, activating the Auto-ISO menu gives three menu items, in the following order:
  1. Default Sensitivity
  2. Max. Sensitivity
  3. Min. Shutter Speed
In my experience, I almost always need to change the third item - I almost never change the first two. I'm guessing I'm fairly typical of most shooters in that regard (but that needs to be validated)

So, to change the Min SS, I have to click the down arrow twice, then the OK button, then use the Up/Down keys again to change the value. So, at least four clicks (five if you include clicking an Fn button to call up the menu), probably more, depending how much I want to change the Min SS by.

If the Min SS is the most commonly used item, why not make it the top item - like this?

  1. Min Shutter Speed
  2. Default Sensitivity
  3. Max Sensitivity
So, we've just eliminated two clicks on the most common usage scenario for the Auto-ISO menu. Great!
Another enhancement would be to allow the use of the command wheel to change the Min SS without having to activate the sub-menu.
This would result in a much more streamlined workflow when changing the min SS, especially if the menu is assigned to a customized button:
  1. Click the Fn button to call up the Auto-ISO menu
  2. Spin a command wheel to change the min SS.
  3. I'm done!
So, we've gone from 5+ clicks to a single click followed by a spin of a command wheel. Much better!

Fuji seems to be resistant to the implementation of a more intelligent auto-ISO (Why????) If there is no plans to go down that path, please, please PLEASE make the auto-ISO menu work better for the most common usage scenario of this menu. This would make the camera a better photographer's tool!

Thanks for listening.

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