Focus assist magnification with AF+MF

Impacted cameras


Updated cameras

X-E2 : firmware version 4.00
X-T1 : firmware version 4.30


When using AF+MF to manually override autofocus, it should be possible to
  • Toggle magnified view on and off by pressing the focus check button (or command dial)
  • Change magnification by turning the command dial


Magnified view is very useful when focusing manually and should be as usable in AF+MF mode as it is in MF mode.
When "Focus Check" and "AF+MF" are on, the view is automatically magnified when turning the focus ring in AF mode. But it is impossible to go back to normal view by pressing the command dial. Going back to normal view would be useful to check the framing or reframe once the focus is manually set. The user has to release the shutter button to go back to normal view which means the focus is lost.

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