Maximum aperture in Auto ISO mode

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The user should be able to select a maximum aperture size (i.e. minimum f-stop) value to be used in automatic aperture "A" mode and auto ISO mode.


The X100T lens is known to be a little soft at close distances ( less than 1 meter) and wide apertures (wider than f/4.0). It would be useful to be able to leave the camera in automatic aperture mode "A" but limit the maximum aperture size (minimum f-stop) to a specified value. For example. If we set the maximum aperture to f/2.8, the camera would be free to select any f-stop from f/16 down to f/2.8, but no wider. This would be useful when one wants to avoid using f/2.0 but would still like to allow the aperture to be automatically adjusted by the camera. An even more advanced feature would be to allow the option to apply this restriction as a function of distance. For example, at distances less than 1 meter use f/2.8 or smaller, at distances less than 0.5 meters use f/4.0 or smaller. This would help avoid soft focus at close range. It should be optional.

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