Raw saturation indicator

Impacted cameras

X-E1, X-E2,X-T1, X-T10, X100T.


Display live information about raw channel clipping :
  • which raw channel(s) is (are) clipped.
For example, replace the current "Raw" icon with a new one that will act as an indicator telling which raw channel(s) is (are) currently saturating. I suggest a small square that is black when no channel saturates and gets colored according to which channel saturates. So if the red channel saturates the square will be red. If both the red and the blue channel saturate, the square will be magenta. Saturation means that a tiny fraction of the pixels saturate (say 0.01%).

  • which parts of the image are clipped.
For example display blinking highlights in live view when at least one raw channel is clipped. It should be possible to turn on and off this feature.


People shooting raw who need maximum dynamical range want to adjust the exposure so that channels are just below saturation on the raw file. The currently available histogram that is computed after the jpeg parameter are applied does not provide information on the raw file saturation.

: this feature has no relationship with exposure bracketing which serves a different purpose and needs many exposures.

: Not essential but highly desirable when shooting wide dynamic range high quality pictures in raw mode.

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