Separate View Modes for Shooting, Playback and Menu

Impacted cameras

X-E2, X-T1, X-T10, X100s, X100T

Updated cameras

X-E1 : all firmware versions.
X-Pro1 : all firmware versions.
X100 : all firmware versions.


It should be possible to set independent view modes to
  • playback images
  • display menu
  • take photos


On affected cameras the view mode setting is the same for these three actions which hinders usability.
This can force the user to frequently change the view mode when accessing menu or images.
When View Mode is set to Eye Sensor, the LCD screen turns on when the user moves the camera away from his face. This is not necessarily a desirable behaviour in terms of energy saving or when stealthiness is required. Therefore this feature cannot replace separate view modes.

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