Switch between magnified and normal display with the shutter half pressed

Impacted cameras

X-E1, X-E2, X-T1, X-T10, X100T.


In both autofocus (S) and manual focus (M) modes, allow the user to click on the wheel (Fuji and legacy lenses) to switch between magnified and normal display when the shutter is half pressed. In manual focus mode, don't change the current display magnification when half-pressing the shutter button.


It is important to be able to make focus adjustments with the shutter half pressed and alternate quickly between the composition and the focus view because the shutter lag is minimal from the half pressed shutter position. This capability would help the user to circumvent the shutter lag problem that prevails in manual focus mode with both Fufi and manual lenses where the lag is both longer than the minimum lag and variable (unpredictable with Fuji lenses) when doing a full press of the shutter. Here is a rather long shutter lag thread illustrating the shutter lag problem in manual focus mode.

: When shooting in manual focus mode, the shutter lag following a full press on the shutter release is variable in the case of automatic lenses and much longer than the minimal ~70 ms when using manual lenses; this behavior makes the use of the manual focus mode less practical to use in a dynamical environment. Those lags are not expected from a camera used in manual focus mode. The only way currently to avoid the lag is to shoot from the shutter half pressed position. Following a ~2015 software update, the autofocus mode now allows switching to manual focus when the shutter is half pressed; in some way that solves the shutter lag problem. The current proposal would make the same capability available in both the manual focus and the autofocus modes and adds the capability of changing the magnification of the display when the shutter is half pressed.

Importance: Very important when using the manual focus mode in a typical dynamical environment. Why a photographer would rather use the manual focus mode in place of the autofocus mode is a decision of the photographer himself.

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